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We think the term "professional" can feel exclusive, and that's not what we're about. Our members range from nurses to hairstylists to auto manufacturing workers to lawyers to insurance agents. We accept anyone who is 21-40 and is looking to connect, network, engage, serve and develop with people just like you.


Dues are paid annually and are $100 for the year. You can enjoy your membership for 12 months from the day you register. For example, if you join on June 3, 2023, your membership will not explore until June 3, 2024.

Join Young Tuscaloosa or renew your membership below.




For individuals age 21-40.

Choose this option to join Young Tuscaloosa as a new member. Valid one year from date of purchase.




For individuals age 21-40.

Choose this option to renew your membership in Young Tuscaloosa. Valid one year from date of purchase.



  1. Your membership is your ticket to attend YT events for free. (There are rare occasions where we may host events that are heavily discounted for members but still involve a small cost.)

  2. Young Tuscaloosa hosts a monthly social event. Professional development, community service, and sports & wellness events are held regularly throughout the year as well.

  3. Most months, YT hosts 3 events - and sometimes more!

  4. Young Tuscaloosa offers a free professional headshot once per year.

  5. Your membership also allows you to attend the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours and Break & Biz events at no additional cost. These are great for additional networking in the community.


**There are no penalties associated with Young Tuscaloosa membership. We encourage you to join and participate as much as you are able, but there is no minimum attendance for the month or year.

Join or renew your membership in Young Tuscaloosa to take advantage of all these great benefits.

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