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YT Social Distancing Bingo

A program by Young Tuscaloosa to help keep everyone engaged while simultaneously supporting the local community. 

At Young Tuscaloosa we recognize that this is a unique time of struggle for many professionals and business owners, and we want to take a proactive and fun approach in serving others. The Giveaway Program is a form of bingo, where community members can share aspects of their daily lives that correspond with safe social distancing practices and support of the local business community.


Thank you to our sponsors

How to Play

  1. Download the bingo board graphic. ​​

  2. Complete the activities on a ROW, COLUMN, or DIAGONAL to bingo. Snap a picture of each task and share them all in one post with us on social media. For example: Share a picture of your board showing how you got a bingo, then all the pics of you performing the tasks. Like on a carousel Instagram post. 

  3. Use the entry form below to be entered for the weekly prize giveaway. Even though it may seem like a redundant effort, the form helps us streamline collection across all social media platforms. Don't worry, it's only a few simple questions. 

  4. Donate! As part of the form, we are collecting donations for the Small Business Relief Fund. Donation is not required to play. We recommend a donation of $5 per entry. 

  5. Tune into the weekly drawings on Instagram or Facebook live to see if you win!! 

  • Can anyone play?
    Yes! The Quarantine Bingo is open to everyone in the Tuscaloosa Community.
  • Can I donate more than $5?
    Absolutely! You may donate as much or little as you like. Even though donations are not required to participate, we simply recommend $5 as a starting point.
  • What about prizes with alcohol?
    Even though a drink might help keep some sanity in these times, you must 21+ to win the prizes with alcohol. We will ask for age verifiaction on these types of prizes.
  • Do I use the same card every week?
    Yes, please do! We may produce an updated card in the future, depending on how long quarantine lasts, but for now use the same one. In fact, if you fill out the whole card we will give you five entries into the weekly prize giveaway.
  • How do I collect my prize?
    After we announce the winner, we just ask that you DM us to discuss the best delivery method.
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